Driving towards Sedona

A once-in-a-lifetime trip:

My Hubby and I took a wonderful trip to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary, and I had the opportunity to photograph beautiful scenic landscapes, much different than my usual macro photograpy of beads, jewelry and flowers. I used my same familiar camera, to make life simple! Now to experiment with my basic photo-editing software.
The beautiful views will be design and color inspiration for future creative projects, both jewelry and wall quilts.  I may have some prints made to hang on the wall, too.

First view of the Red Rocks of Sedona Arizona
Original Photograph - Cannon Power Shot A640

Photo Shop Elements editing tools applied

Photoshop Elements (for Windows) allows for simple photo editing: "fixing". With the tools, you can crop, sharpen, improve contrast and 'color correct'.  Indeed the sky is more turquoise, and this probably shows the actual colors more accurately. For some reason, I prefer the dark red on the stones that my camera "saw".  I tend to use the 'sharpen photo' tool and the improve contrast tools most often. I rarely use the auto-fix tool to let the program fix it to some pre-set standards. More editing tools are available to those more familiar with the actual Photoshop full program. That's for future experimentation. I am using Photoshop Elements 9, I think the most recent is PSE 14.

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