New Name just in time for the Craft Show

Jewelry Treasures by Louise is the new name.

It's time to decide to do a fall craft show. There's no question really, it's at a great time of the year, and I need the practice. I joined last year, and it was a little slow, because it was a new venue and not strongly promoted. This year should be better as everyone learns the ropes! Hopefully it will also generate more traffic to my Etsy store. So I will be busy creating new designs and preparing my displays in the coming weeks...In preparation, I've decided to order official business cards, and wanted my blog to reflect the name I will be using going forward.
Meanwhile here are some things I have been playing with, putting some new designs in [PicMonkey] collages. I love how these pictures came out:
Chandelier Earrings in crystals and glass pearls
Bohemian Feather Necklace and Earrings
The Bohemian Feather Necklace and Earrings has been claimed already and I will be making more of this style.

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