Vintage Jewelry for inspiration - Museum Trip

A visit to a Car Museum turns up a Jewelry Display.

It's fun to find jewelry inspiration in the fashions of the past. At a recent visit to the Gilmore Car Museum, a section on the display focused on the 1930's era. To answer the question: "What did the people who rode in these cars wear and look like?", there was a 1930's fashion display.
I learned that " the start of the 1930's, trends emphasized the natural waistline as a way to close out the boyish look of 1920's fashion."
This lovely jet seven-strand collar was displayed with a beautiful dress once owned by Matilda Dodge Wilson.
Museum Display: Vintage seven strand choker: Seed beads and Jet ( Copyright: my own photograph, 2014)

This elegant pale blue crystal necklace on gold metal chain is displayed with an exquisite beaded embroidered pale blue gown.
Museum Jewelry: Graduated crystal necklace strung on gold chain (Copyright: my own photograph, 2014)

I'm inspired by looking at the vintage jewelry and clothing, how about you?
And yes, there were cars at the museum, too!  ;>) 
If you want to find out more about the Gilmore Car Museum, visit their web site:

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  1. Interesting to think - what goes around, comes back around. Usually with a slightly new twist. ;)


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