Kumihimo Adventures

I have been trying out Kumihimo lately:

      Kits and Kumihimo materials have been showing up in the local craft stores lately, so I picked up a loom to play around. Here are the results. This bracelet was the result of a happy accident in measuring incorrectly. I was frustrated it was too short, until I remembered I had the matching beads in my stash. This may be the beginning of a new series!
     Here's a Tip: An easy way to remember is to cut your eight cords 3 X the length that you want your bracelet to be. So since I use four doubled cords, I would recommend cutting 4 cords 6 X the measurement of your wrist. (You can make it an inch shorter to accommodate the clasp.)
Bracelet: Beaded with Kumihimo

This necklace is made with red-orange, black and white rat-tail cord. The butterfly focal is dyed Howlite and is finished with bead cones and chain, which makes it adjustable at the back of the neck. I am finding that point in making a braid where you are comfortable with the pattern and can do it while riding in the car or listening to TV - I find it relaxing and Zen-like. Next up, I will be making a flat braid bracelet.

Necklace: Kumihimo with Howlite Butterfly pendant

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  1. I love kumihimo, but had never thought of combining it with beads like your bracelet. It's lovely, great idea!


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