Bead Soup Partners are all Posted!

Bead Soup Party Kick-off!

I have been in touch with my partner, she is in Florida, lucky girl! and she owns a bead store. Double lucky girl!
Wow, to have all those beads at hand to choose from...must be nice. Well she will be my mentor since this is my first time. I hope Leslie will find my soup tasty! I won't show any pics yet, but looking forward to putting the final touches on my soup.
My view here in Michigan...all set for spring!

This houseplant is how I imagine Florida is like now!

Here is a link to Leslie's store and blog. Be sure to check out her classes if you are nearby! :) Wish I was.

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  1. Oh my ...we sure have had the snow this winter. Even with all that snow your patio still looks inviting. But I'm with and your house plant! How cool your bead soup partner is in a warmer climate. Mine too. But Hey, we are both in Michigan. I'm a little north of you. Maybe we could do lunch? Feel free to Email me:


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