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Here's a link I wanted to share, on this giveaway, Valentine's Day is coming very soon.
You deserve to win these beads. I'd like to win the Chocolate Heart shaped bead. ;) Lori Bergmann is giving away a choice of two beautiful handcrafted beads:
Lori Bergmann Giveaway Beads

Here's a link to the blog post. Read there to find out how to have a chance to win one of these beautiful beads.
Thanks, everyone for stopping by. Now I'm off to sign up for the Bead Soup Blog Party. I'm so excited!!!!

February 17th Note: I am doubly excited to say that I was chosen as the winner - name pulled out of a heart-shaped bowl. I have selected the heart bead as my prize. Thanks Lori, I look forward to playing/designing a simple necklace to incorporate the bead as a focal.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing my Giveaway, Louise! Good luck and looking forward to seeing you at the Bead Soup party too! :-)

  2. Oh those are such beautiful beads! Since I am not a "beader" I shall leave the giveaway to those who will incorporate them into something amazing.


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