Good Sunday Morning

A little of Crochet:

Hello and welcome to my new followers. So glad to have you visit! Today I am feeling a bit under the weather due to a cold or flu virus. So I thought I'd share a few examples of different crochet items in my collection. The above is a picture of my Princess, sharing my first big crochet project. It is an afghan (crocheted blanket) which I made many many years ago when I was in college. It is single crochet just with scraps of leftover yarns row upon row. Because it is all single crochet, it is pretty dense and heavy. I worked on it over a year or more to relax from studying. Today it is wrapped around me like a large shawl, which is what I do when I'm not feeling well. It keeps off the chill and it's washable so If I spill a bit of tea on it, no worries. 
Wedding Gift Afghan
 This crocheted blanket is one that my daughter made for a wedding gift for her good friends who married last summer. You can see she is a much better crocheter than I am, and faster, too! Well, today is a good day to just hibernate indoors and sip tea, so that is what I will do. Enjoy your day whatever you create!



  1. Hope you are feeling better. I just read your lovely note on my blog and promised I would stop by. Love your cat. She is beautiful. I have always loved beads but only use them on crazy quilts. Your jewelry is beautiful. I will be sure to visit you again.

  2. I think you and your daughter's work is wonderful! I learned to crochet but don't practice enough to be really goo. Maybe someday when I retire (if that day ever comes!!!). Will definitely be following your blog.

  3. I haven't crocheted for many years, Louise, but it's probably a craft I would fall back to, now that I can no longer do needlework. I love the dense look and feel of crochet. Nice to see your Princess likes to be the center of attention :)

    1. Oh, she certainly does think the world revolves around her, and she "talks" to us when Hubby and I are having a conversation and when the phone rings, she loves to interrupt. :0)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, I know I will eventually. At least today it is sunny and clear, that always helps. Even the snow looks pretty. Cheers!

  5. Hermosa tu gatita, yo tenia un gatito muy parecido, pero ya partio al cielo de gatitos. Murio de viejito, pero feliz.
    Tambien me gusta mucho tu manta, y la de tu hija tambien esta muy bonita.
    Saludos desde Chile

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and I shall come to visit yours. I still have many blogs to visit from the many for the Grow Your Blog Party. This kitten is just one of our cats. She has a sister who has longer hair (also all black) and we have a boy kitty who is black with a white neck and white feet. He looks like he is wearing a tuxedo. I will share more cat photos another day.


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