Beautiful Gems at the Smithsonian

At the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC

During our visit last June to Washington DC, we visited the Gems and Minerals area of the Smithsonian Museums. There is so much to see, with four people choosing their favorites, and we tried to pack it all into three days! We would have stayed another day to visit Mt. Vernon, but a heavy rain with flooding sent us driving east towards home instead. I'd like to share some of my favorites. Today, magnificent jewelry: I apologize if the photos are not ideal, they were taken through glass from behind security barriers. Enjoy!
Victoria-Transvall Diamond Necklace
Indian Emerald Necklace

The Hope Diamond


  1. I got to see the Hope Diamond on a school trip so many years ago I cannot remember, but I did remember how beautiful it was! Thank you for sharing!

    1. It was great to see all the beautiful jewelry in person. Admiring gemstones and semi-precious stones is what got me into beading in the first place. Semi-precious is still my first love.


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