Resolutions (part one) Chain Maille

New Years Resolutions

I had almost resolved to NOT make any New Years Resolutions, but it actually feels like I might accomplish this one: To learn new techniques and think outside-the-box. I am teaching myself Chain Maille, though it seems more tedious than I'd like. I'm hoping as I get more skilled at it, it will go more smoothly. I have convinced myself of the necessity to close jump rings that appear "closed", though it seems redundant! And I'm getting better at it. I recommend a task light, for sure, and a magnifier if you need one. I have found two books that are really great for beginners:
The first, I found at my local library, and think I must really purchase: I miss this book and was sad to have to return it, I must have renewed it three times! It was a wonderful introduction to Chain Maille patterns and is encyclopedic in it's coverage. Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop by Karen Karon is available both in softcover and as an e-book from many places including Jewelry Making Daily Shop.
Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop
The second, I found at the bookstore, and could not pass up: Chained is a wonderful book for both beginner and experienced chain maillers, it challenges you to go beyond the traditional patterns and designs to create your own jewelry.
You can find it at Amazon:
Chained: Create Gorgeous Chain Mail Jewelry One Ring at a Time
 My first attempts at Chain Maille are earrings, next will be a bracelet. Stay tuned for future projects!
Earrings: Shaggy Loops with beads and Shaggy Loops


  1. Hi! I'm one of the Grow Your Blog Party volunteers calling in to remind you to publish your GYB party post as soon as you can. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Elizabeth! My GYB post is up now and welcome to visiting my blog. You have a beautiful embroidery blog, I stopped by to take a peek.

  3. I've started to create chain maille late last year too! I have the first book and it's fantastic. Love your earring designs, very pretty:)

  4. it gets a lot quicker as you go along, promise! I have loads of chain maille tutorials and patterns on my pinterest board if you're interested


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