A Book Review: Beading Artistry for Quilts by Thom Atkins

While at the Library, I was looking for bead related books, to see if there was something new. I was thinking seed beads: off-loom bead-weaving or bead embroidery. I wanted to learn more about doing a picot edge for a bracelet that I started. (It won't need that picot edge for a while, but I was anticipating the challenge!) I found my tutorial on beaded picot edge in a wonderful book about beaded quilts. Wow! Two of my great passions together in one book, and what quilts they were, too! Whether you are a beader or a quilter, you will LOVE looking at this book.

 My first passion, and the cause of my overflowing fabric stash was quilting, or collecting quilt fabrics, if you will. ;) While I have set aside making quilts in the last few years, I still have a love and appreciation of fabric, bed quilts, art quilts, and all things mixed-media. So I highly recommend this book for both the tutorials on bead embroidery and the beautiful quilts pictured inside.
Here is a link to Amazon if you want to learn more about the book:Beading-Artistry-Quilts-Stitches-Embellishments

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