Bead Show Events: a BEADiful day

Our wonderful Guild had our Bead Bonanza yesterday. I am a new member, and volunteered to be a runner: A person who brings food or drinks from the food vendor to the booth members, or watches a booth while a vendor runs to the rest room. It was a great way to see the show and meet some of the wonderful people who come in to sell their wares. I hope everyone had a successful show and was happy to be there. Brenda Schweder was there promoting her Now That's a Jig, with her book and had a free make and take. (Dark Side)
I had fun working with Dark Annealed Steel Wire, and made a neat charm. I may have found a new favorite wire! (pics later)
I found more Kazuri beads - from Tamie Simpson of Small and Beautiful Beads.
She also had some cool wavy spacers that should look great with the Kazuri Beads.
I also got some neat metal charms from Lipstick Ranch,
I picked up a special ceramic art bead leaf at The Art of the Bead. (Many of the artists are new to me, as I am mostly a shopper at the big box retail stores using coupons and sales. I plan to learn more about artisan beads and make more individualized jewelry pieces.)
Lastly, I spent some wonderful time working at the gate, talking with a fellow beader/crafter who came from far away to connect with friends and volunteer at the bead show. So yesterday was a BEADiful day!

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