My latest project and a chance for free beads....

I have a request from a special person for a Birthday Necklace and these glass beads are part of the inspiration. We had the black and green faceted beads first, to me they resemble reptile skin with their coloration. The green faceted beads brighten things up a little and they go nicely with the dress. Hematite works but it all is a bit too dark. I made a (center) wire wrapped section of three links, but am at a stand still for the moment.

Glass and Hematite beads

The dress is a white background with black, grey and green large 3-5" floral motif. I have some creamy white shell beads and some pale green quartzite and some green quartzite chips. I'm also considering some silver beads to brighten things up. If you have ideas on what you'd add to these beads, please leave a comment.  I don't have a focal bead in mind but one of the pewter animal beads in this Giveaway might be just the thing. Don't you think I should win!??

I'm sharing a link to Lorelei's Blog for a chance to win some cool pewter beads from Green Girl Studios!

If you want to win, visit her blog, and share on public media sites. Don't forget to leave a comment, mentioning where you shared!

*NOTE: the giveaway is over, so maybe now I'll have to shop for some beads like these!

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