How NOT to store your beads, and lessons learned

I have been sorting through my hoard for the Lori Anderson's Bead Hoarders blog hop, and it appears my storage strategy is sorely lacking. I have three under-bed storage boxes, and inside there are loose strands, as well as some nicely sorted beads in divided storage containers.
Storage bin and random beads
Some beads were stored in empty prescription bottles that my dear mother gave me. Well, I thought it was a poor solution since the bottles are amber and you can't easily see what you have. I have also learned these bottles are fairly breakable when you quickly stack lots of bins on top of them. :(
Don't try this at home!
I now have one six-drawer storage unit with plastic drawers from Office Depot. I am transferring beads, and will probably need at least one more. These can be labeled with categories, such as: seed beads, wire, stringing materials, wood beads, glass, and miscellaneous. I'm sure there are more categories that will come to mind. Making progress is good!
I've also discovered, in those big dump bins that I DO have some focal beads and pendants. For some reason, I've been thinking that I didn't have enough pendants. It turns out I have a few to work with.
Thanks to Lori Anderson for the kick in the butt to go through my hoard!

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