Getting Organized? - At My Bead Table

Been thinking for a while that I need to get my bead table organized. But I have to do more than think about it to get it done! There are at least two ways to approach this challenge, that I am considering:
1) Stop buying beads and work with what I have - this is an "Organic" way to work through the beads, and also a challenge to be creative: not run out to the store to get the 'right' focal, but work with what I have. I have tried this approach at times when making quilts, and gotten good results. (Although, I still have plenty of fabric in my stash.)
2) My alternative approach would be to stop creating for several days and do a "surgical approach" and just sort and purge until I have cleared up my working space.
The question is, should the beads be arranged in colorways such as reds, greens, blues, etc. or should I keep all the projects and shopping sprees together? My usual creative process often begins at the store, picking and choosing the beads and findings. So, to separate these 'sisters' might stop the creative process. But those babies need to get out of their bags for anything to happen! Yes this is a wordy post, but I will leave the "before" picture up to your imagination for now. Hopefully soon, I can post either a cleaned up bead table or progress in the form of a new creation.
-Follow up note: I went the way of creating more, which is good...but no chance of seeing a clean and tidy table any time soon! ;)

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